The first part of May

It’s been wet and busy.  We are just now getting some areas mowed due to water.  Finally have had some 70 degree days!  I have been moving plants in one bed to condense it and will seed part of it with grass again.  Just can’t keep up with the larger beds.  Never fear, I have enough spaces to properly save everything.  Here is the visual journey thus far in May:

Wisteria "bush"

This is maintained in a “bush” habit by Terry spending a lot of time trimming during the growing season.  Ahhh the fragrance!

old pole barn with sides removed aka the shelter house

I spend a lot of time here resting, observing and having my camera ready.  It is very rustic

Red Oak leaves unfolding

Red Oak leaves unfolding

Angelina Sedum

Mayapple flower

Blue Columbine

Was really excited to see a squirell nest in the top of the tree in the front yard.  How wonderful to be able to watch Momma and her three offspring explore and play in the tree.

Male Bluebird with dinner

Incoming grace

female Bluebird entering nestbox

I hope you are enjoying the journey.  Please feel free to leave comments.


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