Dance of the Bumblebees

Yesterday was an off and on rain day here.  I started out on the off, but it started raining and I got to the shelter house to just wait it out.

My goal yesterday was to work on using my tripod, and just start getting used to it.  I’m noticing that with my photos using the 300mm lens, and I use it a lot, that my focus isn’t spot on sharp when I examine the photo closely.  Add a flash to that, and the weight of the camera is starting to get a little heavy for my small hands that also has some arthritis stiffness going.  I have resisted using the tripod because I don’t like to be that restricted, but I need to practice the skill so I get better at using it and get more comfortable with it.

At the shelter house is my largest group of milkweed.  The butterflies weren’t out in the rain, but the bumblebees shure were!!  So I set up and practiced burst shooting with the tripod.  When I was done I had some good segments of time-lapse photos.  I put them together in a pretty fast slide show, and well…..

The lead in is of some of the pre rain photos that I took yesterday as well.

Here are the initial photos since they go by pretty fast on that video 🙂


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