Splish Splash taking a bath

I took some time the other day to sit indoors and watch what was happening at the bird bath pool. Too hot to be outside.  This pool is outside a bedroom window, so these are taken through glass.   I was amazed at the variety of birds that visited.  Several of them, I hadn’t seen before and don’t recognize.  Haven’t taken the time yet to look them up to ID.  I am thrilled to know that the habitat is supporting so many varieties.

I had seen a male Baltimore Oriole in the top of trees and flying through on three occasions, but was pleased to see a female here as well.  Here they are taking their respective baths.  The male Cardinal followed, then the Starling took its turn as well.

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Other birds observed, but not caught on camera were:  Blue Jay, Indigo Bunting, Black Cap chickadee, Sparrows, Catbird, Robin, Goldfinch (male & female) Cedar Waxwing,

Until next time, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Its hot, so stay safe.


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