Eagle Creek Park Walk

When I picked up my photo display at the http://www.eaglecreekdiscovery.org/home/earth-discovery-center , I also visited the

http://www.eaglecreekdiscovery.org/home/ornithology-center .  I was told that they were releasing a green herron from a rehab facility.  Seems there was nothing wrong with the two herrons and they needed to be let free.  What timing!  Although I missed the actual release by mere minutes, I saw one of the green herrons and then as I took a walk (hike) around the lake I one under shrubs along the edge.  There was a huge tree on the ground so I leaned over the trunk to get a better shot at the herron.  I also took some shots of the shoreline looking through the massive roots that made a good foreground to the landscape.  Then I looked down in the water and saw the snake.  Yea, me and snakes again.  What is this?  Kind of unfortunate that he was wrapped around this beer can for this photo 😦 .  I thought maybe I should get off the log.

Saw several big blue herrons and egrets, but just too far out in the lake for me to get anything good.

So this is what I got from my hike:


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