As the leaves fall, the seeds and nuts become visible

Walking around the property this time of year with my camera, I look up.  As the leaves fall it is so interesting to see what is going to be left in the bare branches.   I can now see the bird nests that were hidden.  But, I can also see the fruits of the labor from planting over 1000 trees on this piece of heave on earth.

No, not everything is producing yet.  In one word I can tell you the difference between those that are and those that are not.  MULCH!!  Yes, that chipped wood that I was able to get from the utility crews looking for a place to dump the results of their trimming out the utility lines.  No sometimes I don’t like the way they trim the trees, but I have to ask myself, “what came first, the tree, or the line”  And people don’t always think of the mature size of a tree when they plant it to close to the line either.

The trees that we were able to get mulch on are so much farther along in growth than those without.  Some of these trees shouldn’t even be producing yet, but they are.  I am glad.

All of the shrubs we have, have been producing for some time and are growing to produce more.

The tree production is what I am amazed at.

We have

  •  four Walnut trees producing nuts.
  • four Sycamore trees producing seeds
  • many, many Green Ash trees with seeds
  • two Pin Oak trees with acorns
  • Crabapple trees are all producing, although we lost three trees this year.
  • Redbuds are seeding themselves in many areas
  • two Birch trees with seed
  • Buckeye

We also have

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Peach

Below are some photos that I took as I was making my observations.  I hope you enjoy the journey…

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Until next time…


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