Late October Photos of nature around me

Monarch on Zennia

I took these photos on Tuesday.  There were three Monarchs fluttering around me as I walked around the back porch.  I know zinnias aren’t native to Indiana, (they are native to Mexico), but they are just too colorful not to plant.  I harvest seeds so that I can re-seed next spring.  The Goldfinches love these seeds as well.

Almost all the walnuts are off the trees and ready for the Squirels to hide and use to get through the winter.

The Persimmons are turning and looks like there will be enough for pudding for Thanksgiving.  That is if I get them picked up before the critters get them.  I see a lot of racoon scat with persimmon seeds in it.

There are enough leaves off of the Sycamores that I can get a pretty good indication that there are a great many seed balls.  These seeds are used by the Goldfinches as well and I’ve seen the Blue birds in the tops of the Sycamore’s as well.

The grasses around the water tank are in full bloom and airy.  These are non native grasses in this bed.  This water feature is a seventy-five gallon galvanized sheep watering tank.  It has some dwarf cattail in one end and a water-lily in the other.  This was our first fountain.  The tank has lasted 10 years and still going.

Our wetland pool is still dry.  The waterway that feeds it is sustaining water now that we have had some rain.  So if we get a good two or three inches of rain the stream will be flowing again and the pool will be full again.

The Oak trees are a beautiful red and bronze.  I really thought with the dryness of the summer that the trees would lose their leaves early and it be pretty drab.  But, being native trees, I don’t know that I have ever seen this Pin Oak look so beautiful as it does this year.

I am inserting this set of photos as a slide show so you can just sit back and enjoy the walk.

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