Naples Florida Botanical Gardens Photos

While in Florida this winter I was not able to get out with my camera as much as usual.  But there is a time for everything.  This is a trip to the beautiful Botanical Gardens.  Just a few years ago the gardens went through a huge expansion. Two years ago they  also added several new areas. This visit was just fabulous with growth and blooms.  The bird viewing area was not so active this year.  Just can’t predict what the birds are going to do.  But I did get to observe an Osprey in one of the trees.

I hope you enjoy the tour.

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4 responses to “Naples Florida Botanical Gardens Photos

  1. I wonder where all the birds went to. If I were a bird, I would most certainly chose these gardens. The pictures look like screen savers! The coconuts, and the ducks with the light hitting the water, and a hut that could pass for the Swiss Family Robinson tree house! What a dream! Thanks for sharing. I feel like I just had a tour!

    • Thank you!! I think a lot of the birds didn’t migrate so far south this year because it was warmer further north. Just didn’t see as many.

      • I agree. It seems it was a warm winter everywhere this year. Guess the birds didn’t have to fly as far. Makes me worry about how warm the summer will be though. I hope my tomatoes don’t get scorched…

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