Photos of spring too soon

We were expecting frost and I wanted to get some good photos before it came.  Thank goodness it didn’t get as cold as expected at our place.

But it is way early for some of these blooms.  Lilacs are traditionally May Day blooms, and Peonies are for Memorial Day.  The lilacs are in full bloom now, the end of March, and the peonies are budding out.

So many people want to ignore Global Warming, but those of us who garden can attest to the fact that bloom times keep getting earlier and earlier due to the warmer climate we are having.  It used to be that in our region (Zone 5 that has now officially been moved into Zone 6) the average frost date was May 10th.  The news gave the average frost date of April 12th the other evening!  To me, that is a sure sign of GLOBAL WARMING!!

I would gladly put solar panels on my home if it was affordable to do so!!

Ok, enough for politics, enjoy the tour of early blooms around my property.

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