Photos of Iris in Bloom

 As a child growing up we had a neighbor who raised Iris’s.  She belonged to the Iris Association and bred an Iris that was accepted into the group for propogation.  An honor she was quite proud of.  My Mom was gifted many Iris specimens and they have been passed down to our family and friends as well. 

I have no idea what the names of they hybridized Iris’s are.  I do know that if left together in one large bed they will eventually revert back into their original purple state.  So I have tried to seperate all of them into their own spots to keep this from happening and to keep them special. 

They petals have such an awsome shimmer and sparkle in the light.  I try to capture some of this in the photos that I take.  Hard to see in this low resolution I know.  But, gotta keep the resolution low for putting it out in the world.  Sorry.  Full resolution photos may be found on my website. 

I hope you are enjoying my posts as much as I enjoy sharing.  I love my habitat and all it has to offer, I also have a passion about capturing all this beauty around me. 

I would love to hear what you think about either, the floral aspect or the photography.

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Until next time…..



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2 responses to “Photos of Iris in Bloom

  1. Linda

    Beautiful iris photos! I love these!

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