Photos Civil War Heritage Days 2012 Danville, IN

This past weekend was the second Civil War Heritage Days.  Hosted by the Danville Public Library and the Hendricks County Historical museum. Held in Historical Downtown Danville, the Home of Hendricks County Government.

There was lots to see and do.

This year was added a Grand Ball held in the Courthouse rotunda.  As a obeserver, I was on the second floor balcony looking down on the dance floor.  Thus giving me a very different perspective of the beautiful ball gowns and well dressed gentlemen.  With the adults was one little girl, who was most adorable, and held herself to the adults in her ability to dance and have fun.

For those local, please share this post with anyone you might recognize who might want to view.

I am going to put the full size resolution photos on my website if anyone is interested in purchasing.  Remember these photos are copy righted and the resolution has been reduced that render an awful print.

This posting has a higher number of photos than I usually post, so sit back, breathe, relax and enjoy.

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2 responses to “Photos Civil War Heritage Days 2012 Danville, IN

  1. I LOVE the dresses…. something so romantic about them


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