It’s a foggy morning in Danville this morning

Labor Day weekend was a wet one here in central Indiana.  We soo needed the rain!  Got 2.5 inches here.  First time it’s been soggy in a good while.  So this morning the fog rolled in.

Now I’m not a morning person anymore (living better with chemistry, it takes a couple hours for the meds to settle in) but I decided there was too much potential outdoors.

So out the door in my nightgown, put on my boots with camera in hand.

Tha’ts the nice thing about living in the country and off the road, people can’t see me so well, and I can hide behind trees.

I hope you enjoy my foggy morning walk









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7 responses to “It’s a foggy morning in Danville this morning

  1. Sisterlisa

    There’s always something about the first fog of the season that makes me wanna go walk in it.

  2. Love the eerie atmosphere in these.


  3. Beautiful photos, so peaceful. I would like to be sitting in a chair under one of those trees just taking in the surroundings as the fog lifted.

  4. What a lovely morning indeed!

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