Time goes by fast

I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I have written and posted anything on this blog.  Sometimes life gets in the way.  With two minor surgeries and a flair-up of Fibromyalgia, a LOT of life has gotten in my way this late summer and fall.

Didn’t do a lot of camera time in but am going to share some shots taken on a walk around the property when I finally got outdoors again.

This being the month of Thanksgiving, many on Facebook, including myself, are posting a thankful post each day leading up to Thanksgiving.  This quote is my thankful post for today:  “I am thankful for the God given talents that I have.  My nursing career was beyond my expectations!
I never expected to plant over 1000 trees/shrubs to create a backyard wildlife habitat.  And witness the return of wildlife.
Through that path, my photography skills developed into art and has brought me to where I am today.
Gods plan isn’t static, let it evolve through you.”

Story…. In 2001 I found the Indiana Departmen of Forestries website and lottory for ordering trees from the nursery.  It was late in the year, way past the lottery time, and I figured they wouldn’t be able to fulfill a full order, so I ordered several options.  Well these options come in bundles of 100 trees.  I got them all.  My family was ready to certify me as substantially nuts when in March of 2002 UPS backed the truck up and unloaded eight bundles of trees.  You do the math.  That’s right I had over 800 trees.  They got “toed into a row of mulch and it took me, my hubby, and my parents helping, until June to get them planted.

2012 is the tenth anniversary of their growth.  These first few photos are a series I took from the road looking back toward the house.  As you can see, we have Green Ash lining the drive.  Now this was just when the discovery of the Emerald Ash Borer was doing major damage in Michigan and just begining to come into Northern Indiana.  So far so good, and I hold my breath as the pest has made it’s way to Marion and Hendricks County.

The antique tractor was the first flower bed I built after recovering from the initial onslaught of the Fibro.  Bought this and a manurer spreader at one of my uncles auctions and used it as a marker for where we live.  Both are prominent in some of my photography.


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