Lynne has put this so well that I am compelled as her friend to reblog this post. Please take this advice to heart and share, share, and share some more! Thank You!

Lynne's Blog

I don’t tend to get up on a soapbox but sometimes I just feel like people aren’t getting the information they need. So, prepare yourself – here it comes!

Supporting the arts means BUYING art.

Seems like a simple concept! Supporting local businesses means shopping there. Supporting local eateries? You go to dinner there.  Want to continue having local theater and musical venues? Buy tickets and attend a performance. Same goes for art!

Yes, it’s great to have big crowds at openings, art fairs and shows. But just attending these with your friends as a social activity doesn’t help the artists! No, you don’t have to buy something at every event you attend but if you want to continue attending and enjoying these things you do need to invest in them occasionally! It’s going to be hard to brag about what great art events you have in your community when…

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