What can I say… I LOVE nature.  I have the time now to slowly enjoy and take in what is so fundamentally part of our world.  The multiplication of God’s graces through Noah. 

The 11 acres that I am so privileged to live on was farmland that was too  swampy to farm.  Before the settlers came it was a swampy forest.  Even with the century old drainage tiles couldn’t keep it dry enough to grow crops.  So the farmer subdivided it off.  Now we are trying to repair and rebuild what it was.  Instead of fighting the water, we have created a lovely stream and a wetlands pool.  We have planted over 1,000 trees and shrubs to bring back the wildlife.  We have stopped mowing a great deal of the property and the natives are coming back. 

We have certified the property as a wildlife habitat, and a Monarch way station. 

As a photographer, much of this planning and work to re-establish has been to put the elements in a way that I can easily observe and capture the returning wildlife through my lens and thus be able to share this with you. 

Not everyone has the place or time to sit and observe what is around them.  But I can be your conduit to and for the love of nature.  I also really love to compose within my viewfinder a piece of art.  I also then enjoy “playing” with some of  my composure to add my artistic impression.  My photography is not a point and shoot.  I take my time to observe, to plant and to compose my shots.  I also utilize the equivelent of a dark room in my digital world to process and refine what I have captured.  There is ART in my gardening and there is ART in my photography.  Thus the name I have chosen for my business “the garden path ART” 

I am fortunate enough to be able to split my time between the north and south.  So my photography is pretty diverse between the two spectrums.


Please let me know what you think, I appreciate comments

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