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Picking corn…season II

Last year as I photographed the neighbor picking corn, he swung the combine over and asked me if I wanted a view from inside.  I wasn’t really prepared for this and only had my 70-300 lens with me.  I was also in shorts, and had to climb a fence with barbed wire to get to the combine.  Not a pretty picture, no pun intended.

Needles to say all my photos were pretty close up due to my long focal length, so I had forwarned my neighbor that I would like to repeat the process this year with my 14-45 lens so I could get a broader view.  Yesterday was the day.  I joined the next generation and actually the next generation of farmers inside the combine to ride along and capture the process.

Now mind you these photos are taken through the glass of the combine and picking corn is dusty dirty business, so there is a “slightly hazy” feel to the photos.

I hope you enjoy the journey…

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