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Two exhibits coming up

Artscape%20image%201The first event occurs this Saturday (tomorrow) at the Avon Washington Township Library.  This is a fundraising event to provide the library with operating funds.  I will be joined with four other artists.

The featured artists for Artscape @ Your Library include: Rose Richard – Photography, Larry Leffew – Watercolor, Karen Pedevilla – Clay Petals, Bonnie Stahlecker – The Book as Art, Shirley Adams – Fabric Art, Herron Art School Students – Eclectic Exhibit and musical entertainment by Backburner Trio – Jazz Combo and Liza Russell – Violinist.  Enjoy sweet and savory appetizers, champagne punch, and coffee while supporting the library.  This fund raising event is hosted by the A-WTPL Guild to increase funding for current and future library services.  You may purchase tickets for an evening filled with art, food, fun and fundraising:

At the door: $20 per person In Advance: $15 per person or $25 per couple Advance tickets may be purchased at the library or by calling 272-4818

ArtsGo! FlyerThe second event is ArtsGo!  this event is sponsored by the Hendricks County Arts Council.  For a full list of artists and their locations please click the flyer at right to take you to the web page.


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2013 here we come!

Taking inspiration from a friend of mine,  Lynne Medsker  I have created a word cloud using wordle.  And like her, I don’t do resolutions, but I do see these words being prominent in the coming year.

I’m looking forward to spending some more winter time in the warmth of the south.  The first grandchild will present herself around the first of March.  The hubby will retire!!!  There will be preparation on our property as we get it ready for the market to downsize.  And this will be the hubby’s last winter in the cold as we will both be in the south next winter together.

That’s a LOT of life changes in that list.

2013 word cloud

Through it all, the camera will be journaling the process as it always has.  I hope to hear from you along the way in the form of comments.

Until next time…

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Wine lovers must tour Indy Wine Trail

 Another posting from the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau Wine lovers must tour Indy Wine Trail.

But I have added some of my wine flavored photos to go with it.


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Gallery celebrates anniversary with month-long Squares on the Square

Gallery celebrates anniversary with month-long Squares on the Square.

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Sunset photos of South West Florida

Wow, it really has been mid December since I have posted a blog.  What can I say, life has been a priority the past couple of months.

These sunset photos were taken Tuesday February 21st.  My uncle passed away at 9:35 in the morning.  My aunt, her two daughter’s in law, current and ex, and Susan’s husband ventured to the beach to watch the first sunset with uncle Lou on the other side.

This post is in his memory.

He was a welcome beacon in our lives.  We so enjoyed sharing with him and having his smile and laughs with us.


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Light spectrum in photograph

I’m working on a project and I needed to get a photo of what is locally known as the twin bridges.  One is a railroad tressel built in 1906 and the other is an iron bridge that spans the creek and is no longer in use.  It was about 10 am and the sun was bright.  I liked this composition so I just went for the shot.  Sun and all.  I knew I had sunspots, but bringing it up on the computer gave me the full spectrum of colors and the point of sunshine.

As a friend of mine says…those are GOD winking moments.

Twin Bridges in full spectrum

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A creative Day with #photography

I have taken the time in the last few days to go back through some photos that I have taken over the course of the past year or so and let my creative juices flow some.

I have a favor to ask of my readers:  If you enjoy my photos, my blog, and  sharing the journey with me, please share these posts on Facebook and re-Tweet them on Twitter.  Press the like button on the blog site as well.  An increased awareness of the photography and ART is one of my goals.

Thanks in advance!  I hope you enjoy the tour….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time…..

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Nature in early fall

September is here and the signs are upon us that the season is changing.  Much cooler and finally a few showers.  Though it is going to take a lot more rain to get us back to a good sustainability.  We are fortunate that with the tree and shade cover we have had some green.  Where the sun shines it is still crunchy and brown.

Here are some photos I have taken here in the past week or so.

Until next time…..



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Finishing up August

I have been a bit busier the past couple of weeks and haven’t taken time to write and journal.  Today as I write, the temperature is 62 degrees.  This past Sunday it was 100.  The rains seem to be going all around us here in the middle of Indiana.  It is so dry that what moisture is in the air just evaporates before it hits the ground.  We did have some misting yesterday and it is cloudy today.  The forcast is for some rain, sure hope it makes it to us.

In my last post “Snake vs. Frog” I didn’t have time for photos.  Here is a couple of the frogs that are our guests in the goldfish pool.  The rest of this post is comprised of a walk with my camera.

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