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2013 here we come!

Taking inspiration from a friend of mine,  Lynne Medsker  I have created a word cloud using wordle.  And like her, I don’t do resolutions, but I do see these words being prominent in the coming year.

I’m looking forward to spending some more winter time in the warmth of the south.  The first grandchild will present herself around the first of March.  The hubby will retire!!!  There will be preparation on our property as we get it ready for the market to downsize.  And this will be the hubby’s last winter in the cold as we will both be in the south next winter together.

That’s a LOT of life changes in that list.

2013 word cloud

Through it all, the camera will be journaling the process as it always has.  I hope to hear from you along the way in the form of comments.

Until next time…


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Snake vs. frog…

Excitement on the back porch during my lunch.  Much movement in the flower bed beyond the porch.  Then all of sudden a frog jumps on the porch followed by a green snake.  Both at rapid speed.  Frog trying to get to goldfish pool ASAP,  snake determined to have lunch too.  Frog jumps in and snake promtly lunges forward, catching frog by the foot under water.  Meanwhile, I grab a paint brush extension handle and run to pool.  Snake drags the frog by the foot out of the pool.  I wack the snake which releases frog.  Frog escapes back to pool.  Scattering the other two frogs sun bathing on the logs.  Snake raises it’s head at me and I wack it again.  Snake slithers off into the rain garden.

Of course I’m barefoot.  No camera, nor time for photos.

Story on the snake…. Last summer as Terry and I were visiting with his brother on the back porch this tiny little green snake comes slithering across the back porch and off into the flower bed.  Of course we have a small wood pile here that is wood too long to go into the fire place.  This spring while I’m pulling weeds beside the wood pile, I find a shed snake skin.  Knowing that the snake is still near and larger at this point.  We hadn’t seen the snake untill today.  It’s just a green garden snake.  I will say, that if I see it again in not so much in an adrenoline rush, I would like to relocate him to the wetlands pool area of the property.

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