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It’s been a while

I haven’t had a lot of camera time lately so it’s been a while since I’ve had any postings.

Well, finally got to spend a day out. These are taken at the Botanical Garden in Naples Florida.

So many of my northern family and friends are very tired of snow and cold. Way too much of it. So I hope these colors, blooming plants and sunshine can bring some relief from my eye to them.


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Eagle nest

I have to thank Stan for giving me the information about where this eagle nest is located.  Just 11/2 block from the beach. 

My first trip was futile.  Stood there for two hours and nothing.  But I was told the eagles were still there.  So my second trip I was determined to stick around and watch, observe, and get something for my efforts.  I spent four hours this time.  Just as I was walking up, the eagle flew off the nest.  I wasn’t ready with my camera.  I found my best vantage point and waited.  In that time I realized that these baby’s are on a two-hour schedule of feed and sleep. 

The next two photos are an example of where my artwork comes in.  One, it’s an awesome photo (I think)  but when a bird fly’s you shoot and sometimes you get unexpected results.  Such is the case with this photo.  Great flight, but the leaf in the foreground was just too much distraction.  So I decided this photo was an artistic interpretation opportunity. 



Eagle in flight

Here is a couple of other photos taken that morning.  There is a pair of woodpeckers trying to drill out the underside of the eave on the mobil next to ours.  I prefer him on the tree.  But getting the two together was nice. 


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An outing adventure

As I get to know more of the neighbors, they are sharing places to go and see.  We took a driving adventure


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