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It’s been a while

I haven’t had a lot of camera time lately so it’s been a while since I’ve had any postings.

Well, finally got to spend a day out. These are taken at the Botanical Garden in Naples Florida.

So many of my northern family and friends are very tired of snow and cold. Way too much of it. So I hope these colors, blooming plants and sunshine can bring some relief from my eye to them.


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It’s a foggy morning in Danville this morning

Labor Day weekend was a wet one here in central Indiana.  We soo needed the rain!  Got 2.5 inches here.  First time it’s been soggy in a good while.  So this morning the fog rolled in.

Now I’m not a morning person anymore (living better with chemistry, it takes a couple hours for the meds to settle in) but I decided there was too much potential outdoors.

So out the door in my nightgown, put on my boots with camera in hand.

Tha’ts the nice thing about living in the country and off the road, people can’t see me so well, and I can hide behind trees.

I hope you enjoy my foggy morning walk









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Photos Civil War Heritage Days 2012 Danville, IN

This past weekend was the second Civil War Heritage Days.  Hosted by the Danville Public Library and the Hendricks County Historical museum. Held in Historical Downtown Danville, the Home of Hendricks County Government.

There was lots to see and do.

This year was added a Grand Ball held in the Courthouse rotunda.  As a obeserver, I was on the second floor balcony looking down on the dance floor.  Thus giving me a very different perspective of the beautiful ball gowns and well dressed gentlemen.  With the adults was one little girl, who was most adorable, and held herself to the adults in her ability to dance and have fun.

For those local, please share this post with anyone you might recognize who might want to view.

I am going to put the full size resolution photos on my website if anyone is interested in purchasing.  Remember these photos are copy righted and the resolution has been reduced that render an awful print.

This posting has a higher number of photos than I usually post, so sit back, breathe, relax and enjoy.

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Gallery celebrates anniversary with month-long Squares on the Square

Gallery celebrates anniversary with month-long Squares on the Square.

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Photos of Iris in Bloom

 As a child growing up we had a neighbor who raised Iris’s.  She belonged to the Iris Association and bred an Iris that was accepted into the group for propogation.  An honor she was quite proud of.  My Mom was gifted many Iris specimens and they have been passed down to our family and friends as well. 

I have no idea what the names of they hybridized Iris’s are.  I do know that if left together in one large bed they will eventually revert back into their original purple state.  So I have tried to seperate all of them into their own spots to keep this from happening and to keep them special. 

They petals have such an awsome shimmer and sparkle in the light.  I try to capture some of this in the photos that I take.  Hard to see in this low resolution I know.  But, gotta keep the resolution low for putting it out in the world.  Sorry.  Full resolution photos may be found on my website. 

I hope you are enjoying my posts as much as I enjoy sharing.  I love my habitat and all it has to offer, I also have a passion about capturing all this beauty around me. 

I would love to hear what you think about either, the floral aspect or the photography.

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Until next time…..


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Photos of spring too soon

We were expecting frost and I wanted to get some good photos before it came.  Thank goodness it didn’t get as cold as expected at our place.

But it is way early for some of these blooms.  Lilacs are traditionally May Day blooms, and Peonies are for Memorial Day.  The lilacs are in full bloom now, the end of March, and the peonies are budding out.

So many people want to ignore Global Warming, but those of us who garden can attest to the fact that bloom times keep getting earlier and earlier due to the warmer climate we are having.  It used to be that in our region (Zone 5 that has now officially been moved into Zone 6) the average frost date was May 10th.  The news gave the average frost date of April 12th the other evening!  To me, that is a sure sign of GLOBAL WARMING!!

I would gladly put solar panels on my home if it was affordable to do so!!

Ok, enough for politics, enjoy the tour of early blooms around my property.

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Photos the color of PURPLE

Walked around the yard last evening with my camera.  The color of purple is just jumping at us right now.

Wisteria vine and “shrub” are just fabulous.  The shrub is my hubby’s project.  He keeps it trimmed so it doesn’t go everywhere.  The vine is on our shelter house.  I hung an old hammock for it to climb on and it has now reaching out on the old dog run as well.

The Lilac bush is at peak.

The purple of the grape hyacinths, and the violets, and the carpet of creeping phlox completes the purple presence.

The aroma therapy that is going on with all of this is just amazing.  That is why I also had to include the apple tree in full bloom as well.  It’s not purple, but just shouts out sweet aroma.

I put some tease photos on Twitter last evening.  Those were taken on my phone and nothing done with them.  These photos were taken on the big girl camera.  Not all of these will make the website either.  This is more of a sharing the colors and I so wish you could smell this post.  Enjoy  till next time…

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Photos along I-75, and I-24 driving home

Our second day driving home was from Atlanta Georgia, through the mountains.  Including Chattanooga Tennessee, and Nashville Tennessee.  It was foggy most of the morning.

Note that most of these photos were taken through the windshield while my hubby was driving.  One or two were taken by my hubby while I was driving.  So I have to give him credit for a couple.

We did stop at a rest stop where I got the dogwood trees and that wonderful sunrise coming through the fog at the river’s edge.

I hope you enjoy the trip with me.

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Photos at Goodland Florida

Lunch on Goodland Island was my best Osprey watching for the whole season.  There was a nest in top of a pine tree just across from the restaurant!!  I was glad they weren’t open yet and we had to wait.

A good time to watch and shoot.

By the way, lunch was really good too.

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Photos of Naples Florida sunset, day 2

This trip to the beach, I traded in my tennis shoes and socks for some flip-flops so I could finally get some sand between my toes!!

Took my chair too and camped out for the sun to set.  I knew where I wanted to be and what perspective I wanted most of the photos to come from.  I must say, and I am ashamed of it, that I didn’t let anyone linger in front of me for this one evening.

I owe the boys that ended up in the photo a sincere apology.  And must say that their playfulness ended up looking pretty good in the final cut.

The evening wasn’t without some frustration though.  Fishing along the beach leaves hooks and fishing line out in the way for the poor birds to get into trouble.  Saw one bird actually swallow a fishing hook with line attached.  And a Pelican with a hook in its side alluded the beach patrol.

Wish people would be more responsible with our nature.

No photos of affected birds are shown in this presentation.

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