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It’s been a while

I haven’t had a lot of camera time lately so it’s been a while since I’ve had any postings.

Well, finally got to spend a day out. These are taken at the Botanical Garden in Naples Florida.

So many of my northern family and friends are very tired of snow and cold. Way too much of it. So I hope these colors, blooming plants and sunshine can bring some relief from my eye to them.


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Photos at Goodland Florida

Lunch on Goodland Island was my best Osprey watching for the whole season.  There was a nest in top of a pine tree just across from the restaurant!!  I was glad they weren’t open yet and we had to wait.

A good time to watch and shoot.

By the way, lunch was really good too.

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Photos of Naples Florida sunset, day 2

This trip to the beach, I traded in my tennis shoes and socks for some flip-flops so I could finally get some sand between my toes!!

Took my chair too and camped out for the sun to set.  I knew where I wanted to be and what perspective I wanted most of the photos to come from.  I must say, and I am ashamed of it, that I didn’t let anyone linger in front of me for this one evening.

I owe the boys that ended up in the photo a sincere apology.  And must say that their playfulness ended up looking pretty good in the final cut.

The evening wasn’t without some frustration though.  Fishing along the beach leaves hooks and fishing line out in the way for the poor birds to get into trouble.  Saw one bird actually swallow a fishing hook with line attached.  And a Pelican with a hook in its side alluded the beach patrol.

Wish people would be more responsible with our nature.

No photos of affected birds are shown in this presentation.

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Photos sunset cruise on Naples Princess

My hubby and I took the sunset tour on the Naples Princess  The cruise is through the Naples bay, out Gordon Pass, and just into the gulf.  A large part of the tour is viewing the homes of the rich and famous at Port Royal.

Now most people are ooing and awwing at the homes, while I’m aiming my camera lens above, and through them to get the clouds, sun reflections, and the sunset.

Have to admit the actual sunset was while the boat was turning around in the gulf and the turbulence was rough.  Impossible to take a sharp photo when I’m having trouble standing up.


Ok, so I also took some photos of some of the more unique architecture.  I do hope you enjoy the tour.

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Photo trip out US 41 into the Everglades

This day trip started at the Estuary of Rookery Bay.

Next stop is the boardwalk off US 41.  Sad to learn that the two Eaglets had passed away and the parents had left the area.

Last stop is the hike and bird watching stand at the 10,000 islands perserve



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